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May 28, 2015
Another quick update. The group’s order was just now picked up from the vendor and is currently on its way to our warehouse in New Jersey. Given the tracking information provided, our warehouse team expects the shipment to come in by 6/3 and will be ready to get the order repacked and off to you as soon as it comes in. Because we know this minor delay is undesirable, we will be sure to prioritize the shipment upon receiving to have everything turned around as quickly as possible!
Occasionally the shipment experiences a delay en route, but rest assured that we will keep the group updated throughout the entire process and let you know if something causes it to be set back.
We are thankful for your continued patience and you can expect an update from us by the end of the day Pacific Time on 6/4 or earlier if anything comes up.
May 28, 2015
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