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Jan 12, 2016
Mine arrived today. I'm in the UK, and as it was re-addressed in Germany, there was no import duty to pay. Woo hoo!!
Impressive piece of kit. I have a Black Monster, and have had alot of the cheaper Seikos, but never one of their slightly more upmarket offerings. Certainly a real feeling of solidity, and lovely detail on the case expecially. Proper tool watch, but wearable everyday, too. Nice movement, 6R15 is certainly a class above the 4R36 and 7S26 I'm used to. Compares well to some of the higher end Swiss watches I've had. One thing that does bug me- it's a really nice bracelet, solid end links and a really nice feel,but still that horrible pressed steel clasp!! And BEWARE when you adjust the bracelet: this uses the ridiculous pin and sleeve arrangement to hold the links together, instead of far more sensible screws or even split pins.
Overall, very impressed with the watch and the service from massdrop!!
Jan 12, 2016
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