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Aug 7, 2018
Last time I ordered this, requesting dual 3-pin XLR Neutrik connectors for my HD800S, Massdrop sent me a cable terminated with TRS XLR. The options upon checkout need to be MORE specific about WHAT TYPE of balanced connectors we are getting. When you enter a drop, make payment, and wait forever for the item, and the item you receive is NOT as advertised, it's an un-tasty bit of anguish and an unfortunate return.
However, I have not given up on Massdrop! I am encouraged about the Cardas Clear Light cables I just ordered. The checkout specifically mentioned NEUTRIK 4-pin XLR connectors, so I hope they will send NEUTRIK terminations and NOT TRS XLR. Thank you, Massdrop, for being specific this time at checkout. This is an EXCELLENT deal...approximately HALF of retail or better. Go check other sites and compare!
Aug 7, 2018
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