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Oct 3, 2014
I've ordered three things from Massdrop... The first was outright cancelled after a month of waiting. The second took over a month to ship. After this third disappointment, I'm tempted to take my business elsewhere. Perhaps these three drops were just flukes. Are there any users here that have had better experiences?
Oct 3, 2014
imcclaskeyNope, this is pretty much it. I did check other headphone drops, and it appears they received theirs in a reasonable amount of time.
How a business who only deals with vendors could be so aloof, and not be able to provide details beyond the ambiguous dropping of crumbs every 5 days is beyond me. They have $64,000 of our money in escrow, and are seemingly careless.
I think too many people joined this drop, and instead of putting a cap, they foolishly allowed this to run amok, and the vendor can't fill the order in a reasonable amount of time, hence the "offer" to refund.
This will very likely be the last time I use massdrop. Perhaps we were unlucky in our past orders, but that's all that's needed to be disenchanted.
Oct 3, 2014
imcclaskeyPatience. We got an amazing deal, but it comes at a price. Think about what has to happen. They place a MASSIVE order with a vendor that is not used to making that amount by such a short deadline. Then finally, the bulk order is shipped to their warehouse, where they have to unpack and individually repack and ship out each order. This process takes time. if you wanted the product sooner, you should have paid retail price for it.
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