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Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Headphone

Sennheiser Momentum 4 Wireless Headphone

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Sep 15, 2022
Would this be good for working out on a gym?
You could use it for that… Personally, I prefer circumaural headphones for most times except for working out. The gym is one of the most brutal environments to use headphones. These Sennheiser closed back ANC headphones would not be worse than other fullsized closed headphones, but there are still things to consider. Pros:
  • Lightweight
  • Wireless
  • Active Noise Cancelling (ANC; for focus)
  • Airplane mode for meditation (no Bluetooth or music, just ANC)
  • Adjustable transparency mode (opposite of ANC, allow conversations and gym noise in, and you can adjust the transparency volume)
  • Works as a remote control
  • Can answer (or decline) calls
  • Comfortable clamp pressure
  • The solid-wrapped pads would be easy to wipe off sweat.
  • ear pads are replaceable
  • nice sound quality, probably much nicer than the loose, boomy gym speakers in a loud echoing room.
  • Earcups twist flat case to use when taking a class with a fitness instructor (Zumba, Aerobics, Yoga, etc)
  • Closed back holds heat
  • Pads get warm/sweaty
  • Dry cloth for cleaning recommended; sanitizer gel or spray will shorten the life of the pads (make them dry out and eventually crack)
  • Comfortable clamp = light grip, headphones may slip around with movement or leaning
  • We tend to bump and bang into things at the gym: you might accumulate scratches and scuffs on your high-end headphones.
  • Momentum 4 twists flat, not folds into the smaller ball of previous generations (duffel bags are big, this is a mild concern, but it could be awkward sitting on top of textbooks in a school backpack)
Overall, the Momentum 4 does have a few particular advantages (especially the adjustable transparency mode and airplane mode), but I find the gym a harsh environment, and I personally prefer True Wireless in-ear headphones at the gym because they don’t make my ears hot and silicone eartips are cheaper to replace. Hopefully I provided enough detail for you to choose if it’s right for you.
Sep 15, 2022
EvshrugWow, thanks a lot for the thorough reply! It’s not for me but the user doesn’t like in ear headphones, so I thought of this one as I like the brand.
Clara.LI like the brand too. I think there would be a market for a “made for exercise” over ear BT headphone. Light, fairly grippy, wireless with remote controls, closed back but some vents to let heat escape would be ok/welcome… I would also love if they specially addressed heat issues, like a conductive “heatsink” earcup material, maybe two pairs of pads that help wick sweat and dissipate heat instead of providing insulation? Ideally replaceable headband padding too.
Dec 11, 2022
EvshrugObviously as a mid 30s adult Im not proud of having aliens on my headset that can light up, but for less than $150 when I bought them about 10 months ago or so and option to completely disable any RGB stuff of the"lunar white" or "darkside of the moon black"😂...or something to that effect, they did everything I needed them for at the time and much more and... with very nice quality paracord cables and very fast charging. I use the "Alienware AW920H" wireless headset (yes...if I had just waited like a month I could name about 5 different brands and models of noise canceling wireless BT headsets I would have picked instead, but Dell owed me some $ so they were more or less free) they work nice for over the ear bluetooth 5.2, (and actually stay in place and are not only comfortable but slim and not so big/bulky/heavy as some models are), comes with a USB-C charging cable and USB-C dongle to plug in your PC/iPad/USB-C charging port on your phone/etc or just bluetooth 5.2 for iPhones and of course the option to use a wired 3.5mm detachable cable that comes with it. As well as a USB-C to A converter to let you plug the wireless pairing dongle into regular full size USB-A port. it does have several built in microphones for easy answering of phone calls and touch control's for everything on one ear like sliding your finger up or down for volume and tapping to pause or answer a call. Supports dolby atmos and a bunch of other sound codecs. customizable by plugging it into your computer to update the firmware and turn the Alien logo on/off or to any color (not a big RGB fan myself) but just happened to be looking for a gaming headset i could use with a dedicated boom mic (which it comes with a removable boom mic for like a nice clear sound, but then you can still use the built in mics for when you are walking around the house or gym and obviously don't want a bendable boom mic in front of your mouth). Has metal hinges and you can lay it flat on your chest when not in use. Oh and I forgot to mention it has a separate iPhone/Android Alienware app for customizing specific sound stages and many other things. And most if not all things like toggling ANC on or off can be done with a switch on the headset. Def not for everyone...i just happened to get them heavily discounted when they first came out and at the time not many headsets had bluetooth 5.2/usb C charging wireless headset with like 40-60 hours battery life/as well as a dedicated wireless dongle so you could simultaneously use it for work calls/gaming on PC and also connected to your phone via bluetooth 5.2. (and then of course the elusive 3.5mm to 3.5mm connection that many newer Over the Ear wireless headsets don't have these days)
PhlookeHey, we’re about the same age! And honestly, Alienware was created to cater to our demographic. We all just got older. And if you like your Alienware gaming headset, I see no problem in that. I haven’t heard that headset, but as a gamer I do appreciate Dolby Atmos and spatial audio processing in general. I wonder who makes the drivers and did the tuning for your headset… maybe Foster? Do you feel like the Alienware AW920H has something that makes it particularly well-suited to using while working out?
Sep 20, 2022
I would loveee to use these in the gym, but honestly have to agree that it's probably too harsh of an environment and these may not hold up all that well. I also feel like they may fall off during certain movements unless you have a much bigger head than I do :) .
Nov 24, 2022
These are for sale at the same price from Sennheiser, Best Buy, and Target. How is this a deal?
Sennheiser uses MAP for authorized dealers, so prices should be the same unless there is an exclusive model (like the HD 58X Jubilee). Buy from wherever you wish… many here have Drop store credit from their rewards program.
Sep 14, 2022
do the mics also function as voice call microphones?
One of the features on the main product page ( is "Crystal-clear Calls". Under the detailed specs, the mic pick-up pattern is listed as "2 mics per side, beamforming for noise reduction". In short, yes.
Dec 2, 2022
Can you plug these in for use as normal headphones on a plane?
Jan 3, 2023
Yes you can, they also include the adapter that you need for some planes.
Sep 16, 2022
What makes the Drop version better than the original?
I don’t think this is a Drop exclusive version.