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Jun 10, 2020
I feel it's my responsibility to share the experience I had with these. I've owned three pairs of these and had big problems with all three. First, when I tried the first pair I couldn't believe the sound. It was amazing. My jaw literally dropped. They had the best sound I've ever heard, as was the instrument separation. I told myself that I would only buy Sennheiser products from then on. Now the problems, as others have said, they were constantly falling out of my ears and the cable would tangle up easier than any other IEM I had ever owned. The two worst things were that they are terribly made. The cables would start falling apart almost immediately. The other worst thing was the Sennheiser customer service. They refused to take them back, even though they met the requirements for a replacement. The last pair I had, I spoke to a woman and she told me to send them in and I should be able to get a replacement. After mailing them in, it was almost six weeks before I had any type of reply. That reply came as a box I received. It was the pair I had sent in. The reason I was given for refusal was that they showed signs of wear. I called and spoke to the same woman. I told her that of course they showed signs of wear, that was the problem. She told me to send them back and to put her name on the mailing label and she would make sure they were replaced. That replacement never came. I also was unable to speak to that woman. I tried calling, I tried emailing, I even sent a letter by regular mail. I also tried to talk with anyone else who would address my problem. That finally proved to me what kind of company I was dealing with. I swore I would never buy another Sennheiser product. Go on the Amazon site and you'll see reviews echoing what I just stated. If you you decide to go ahead and buy these, prepare for the problems I gave for being disappointed.
Jun 10, 2020
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