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Jul 4, 2014
Cool object but the price is just way out there. I get why its expensive as CNC Machining is expensive. BUT this isn't something that is really appropriate for CNC machining other than the exterior it would be far quicker done by hand, and secondly its really on the border of something you shouldn't be machining, there is a reason we still do casting or welding for things like this. For me as an engineer myself its a case of fancy toys and looks over tried and true methods. CNC machining and additive manufacturing are great and they bring manufacturing and engineering to the less manually skilled, but they are way over used.
And personally to make this rather than billet I would have started with pipe, no practical reason to use a billet when you can get industrial grade pipe. Much more energy and time efficient compared to machining out a hollow cylinder from a billet.
Good idea though, I am tempted to ask some of the techs in the test house to run me up something similar(using pipe). Should only cost me a couple of crates of beer and few hours doing the finishing myself.
Jul 4, 2014
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