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Nov 20, 2015
Hey @Nope,
As you have noted, midtech knives don't appeal to everyone - and that's okay. Obviously, at least 28 people (and counting) think this knife, and other midtechs, offer a solid value. Many people like less expensive production-line blades, and some people can afford to spend $2000 or more for handmade pieces.
This particular midtech is designed by Serge, manufactured at a small shop in Idaho, and then sent back to Serge for finishing. This process of design and finishing by a craftsman, with some machining done at scale, allows people who appreciate a quality design but not able to afford a collector piece, to own high-quality knives from great designers and makers. I think a lot of people just want to use their knives for EDC, and wouldn't really feel comfortable doing that with $1000+ pieces.
I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and I'm glad that Massdrop is a place people can express opinions and share knowledge. Maybe some of the people who joined the drop will have their own comments about why they think this and other midtechs are desirable. Regardless, I'm glad you've started the conversation!
FWIW, here is a post that Ken Onion wrote for BladeForum back in 2004, in which he explains what midtech knives are and why they offer an attractive value for many collectors.
Nov 20, 2015
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