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Nov 27, 2015
Let me chime in here on why I would join a drop like this. I work primarily in an office, spend probably 70-80% of my time indoors, would never have to chop cardboard on a frequent basis, and live in a really safe city where I would probably never have to use a knife for self defense. I also wear a suit every day with minimal pocket space and I rarely carry a briefcase. Most of the time the only things I have on my body are phone, keychain, wallet and headphones.
You guys seem to think it's a waste for me to spend so much on a tiny knife. Well let me tell you when I used to carry a 2.5" blade around I got WEIRD looks from people using it to open my lunch or packages. Office people are actually afraid of knife looking things. Now I would still like to carry a small blade, for day to day light use, and emergency use such as cutting a seat belt etc.
For the reasons above, I actually think this small 1" trinket knife on a keychain suits my purposes perfectly, and if I can get a great quality and stylish one, why the hell not?
Nov 27, 2015
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