Shards of Alara Foil Booster Pack (3-Pack)
Shards of Alara Foil Booster Pack (3-Pack)
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Product Description
Jump into the game with a collection of premium foil cards from three sets of MTG cards. The Shards of Alara Premium Foil Booster Pack is a must have for collectors and gamers alike Read More
Alara Calling

Jump into the game with a collection of premium foil cards from three sets of MTG cards. The Shards of Alara Premium Foil Booster Pack is a must have for collectors and gamers alike. This is a 3-pack of Boosters featuring vibrant, detailed foil cards. Collect 15 premium foil cards gathered from the Shards of Alara, Conflux, and Alara Reborn sets.

Note: This drop includes 3 premium booster packs from the Shards of Alara Block. There are 150 3-packs available.


Playing time: 30 minutes

Recommended for ages 7 and up


Booster Packs (3 Pack)

Contains 15 Foil cards


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Estimated ship date is July 29, 2015 PT.

After this product run ends, payment will be collected and orders will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all orders final. Check the discussion for updates on your order.

Recent Activity
Hi everyone, I wanted to get all the details sorted out before causing anymore confusion or panic on this drop and I'm sorry if it seems like I've been neglecting the discussion. This drop was set up by a previous Massdrop Team member and it has taken awhile to figure out what exactly happened and where, but here's the short version of what happened: Some time ago, the vendor for this drop removed the boosters from their blister packs to save space and cut shipping costs. Unaware of this, we ordered our samples and photographed them as they came(with blister packs). Then we ran the drop, placed the order and proceeded as usual. At which point people started reaching out to Customer Support and we became aware there was a problem. For a bit more info, you should know that Wizards of the Coast only released these all foil packs in blister pack displays, not ever as booster boxes. Mapping is when you look for a pattern in the way WOTC places rare cards within their booster boxes. Since these never came in booster boxes, mapping is simply not possible. We know how prominent mapping is in the community and choose the vendors that do loose packs very carefully. It takes a long time for us to trust a vendor to do loose pack drops and the ones we use have been successfully doing loose pack drops with us for almost 2 years now. We have always encouraged our users to post their rare and valuable cards in the discussion, because we know there will not be an issue. Based on all the information we have though, everyone should have received perfectly new and unaltered packs. The user that appears to have received all basic non-foil lands has either been subject to a manufacturing defect at the packing facility, or something else all together. We will work to sort that out, but we are very confident these packs were not tampered with at our vendors locations. As this is so common within the industry, you are right to be suspicious and we take these claims incredibly serious. If you are upset about not receiving the boosters in their blister packs, please reach to customer support again, and we will take care of you. Thank you for your patience while we work to resolve these concerns and issues.