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Dec 19, 2014
No screen makes this extremely niche. Peeked into headfi forums on this not really believing it had no screen and had the 'zealots' explain that lack of screen was actually a big advantage. Quite entertaining. As bonus entertainment, I saw 8 hour battery, no MP3 capability and loud volume at start of song causing almost certain instances of ear damage. I love flac but most of my collection is still high rate mp3 which is plenty good, even for audiophiles. . For a company to ignore this segment of society is amusing. They removed the screen and still couldn't do better than 8 hours??? Fiio is already pushing it with their pathetic ten hours. I stopped using my x5 for that reason as well. I read the review from the link above, wow. They should call this the 'masochist'.
Dec 19, 2014
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