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May 25, 2020
I received these on Saturday. I'm impressed with the sound signature overall. The bass is very deep with good detailing. It's fast and overall very tight. They lack any sort of body though, which means the midrange is going to be on the brighter, more energetic side with just about 0 warmth to be found. A lot of people hate shouty vocals, if you're one of those, steer clear (I personally feel shouty vocals should still be portrayed if they are like that, but warmth can't be lost, which is a weakness of this IEM). The treble is very detailed and quite linear, but it borders being harsh. Like the bass' extension to the low-end, it extends pretty far in to the high end. Sound stage and imaging aren't really the strongest with this IEM, I had some songs where the imaging kind of felt off. That being said, it's an extraordinarily clean and dry sounding IEM; it is kind of super sterile (I'd even go as far to say it outdoes my Etymotic ER3SE in terms of this). It can be extremely unforgiving, again, even outdoing my ER3SE (I didn't think that was possible). All this said, I feel like a lot of people would hate this signature, but there is a certain set of people who would love this signature. I kind of fall into the latter group.
May 25, 2020
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