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Mar 13, 2017
a buddy gave me a set of these to try and was just gonna let me keep them but, honestly, i prefer my hf5's over these, specially at this kinda can get MUCH better iem's for less..... if this was for example a drop for vsonic gr07's or something like that, i would be more interested, having tried a friends vsonic gr04-07(he has one of each model they put out, hes a big fan, and hes lent me several sets to try...the 07's are amazing for their price on china sites... these shure...i dont agree with the fellow who said they make no good/decent headphones, but they dont make many i have found to be worth what they charge in any way...almost always i have been able to find better deals for better prices....many times much better)
and this deal is crap, but im guessing thats because shure wont go any lower and the markups not nearly what it is with some brands...
Mar 13, 2017
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