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Feb 19, 2020
Well, I can't add a review as I bought my Sierra 2's directly from Ascend Acoustics...they are the best audio buy I have ever made. I sold my Thiel system when I left california (2x 2.2's, 3x SRS and a Bag End Infra sub) and replaced them with a system of 3x Sierra 2's (LRC), 4x Sierra 1's (sides and rears) and a Rythmik sub (FV15HP) in my media room. I don't miss the Thiels! I also have a pair of the 2's in my man cave for casual listening and practicing drums and bass. Being a bass-o-holic I will probably be buying another Rythmik sub (F12?) for my man cave. Anyway, the Sierra 2's are amazingly accurate and do have nice dynamics. Even playing them loudly you don't ever get the sense that they are straining. I HIGHLY recommend these speakers!
Feb 19, 2020
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