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Aug 21, 2016
I wonder if this wood will soak up the moisture after wearing like a shoe tree, or will it screw up the headphone pads. Can anyone who already own this stand comment on this?
Jan 26, 2017
hh83917If they made this with like some sort of red cedar wood, it would offer some great moisture wicking properties and even the scent is fairly pleasant IMO.
Alas this does look like multiple pieces of plywood glued together with a veneer on top. Maybe I'd be more impressed if it was sculpted from a block of solid wood instead...
Oct 16, 2017
sdfxActually, it'd be quite easy to make this out of a solid block, using a bandsaw, although it would waste much of the wood. As soon as I put together my workshop, look forward to some very pretty solid wood stands for $50-$65. On Etsy, probably.
Oct 17, 2017
MassivePressureCutting this shape out of a solid piece of wood on a band saw would be a nightmare. You would end up with an ugly mess. This is made by laminating layers around a form. That's the only practical way to make this shape with any repeatable accuracy (using wood anyway).
Oct 18, 2017
KJ741NSorry, I should have been more clear. I meant bandsawing just the OUTER shape - the only relevant part for this object - not the inner "hole" as well - so you would be left with a solid block shape.
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