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Feb 2, 2016
I have to agree that a $140 headphone stand is a bit ridiculous, craftsmanship aside I can buy a handmade stand from etsy or any local woodworker for less than that and the design isn't exactly innovative.
While I'm sure it's nicer than the knock off, it doesn't functionally do anything different and it likely isn't more durable so it's just slightly nicer looking and less prone to minor visual imperfections. Comparing that to a more sophisticated electrical device is a bit silly.
Also, anyone who can't tell the difference between a cheap pair of headphones and a pair of audiophile quality ones has either never listened to them before or is deaf, the contrast is obvious and I'd be glad to do a double blind test. This is no different than people who claim a $500 guitar sounds the same as a $3000 PRS (hint: it doesn't).
Feb 2, 2016
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