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Feb 9, 2018
I've now spent a few days with this garment, and while there are some things I like about it, I can't exactly say that I would recommend it. The "heather gray" option is a 50/50% polyester & cotton blend that really looks nothing like the color displayed in the picture, and is actually closer to a muted cobalt blue in-person. Also, while the brand does proudly proclaim its Los Angeles roots everywhere on the product and in marketing, the product itself is made in China. The fabric is very thin (which I don't particularly mind living in a warmer climate) and arrived with loose threads everywhere that I had to trim up with scissors. The buttons seem to be decent quality, but are plastic which was a bit disappointing (I was hoping for metal). Also, the cut is quite strange, with an elongated length due to the scalloped hems, a wider chest/shoulder width than the provided measurements specified, and sleeves that are just a tad too short to allow for a comfortable range of motion. It did shrink a bit after the first wash and now fits me relatively well, but even still I can't recommend this fit to anyone that isn't of a tall & lean build as the proportions would just look off.
All in all, while I will still wear this shirt, it's rather disappointing for the $30 Massdrop price, and seems frankly unreasonable to have a $44 MSRP. It seems no better than many henleys I've seen at Target or H&M for $15-20, save for some minor details like the curved hems, side taping, and vertical back stitching which are the main highlights of this product.
EDIT: After three washes, one of the buttons cracked and came off in the dryer, so I asked a friend who's handy with a needle to sew a new one on for me. Interestingly, the replacement button she had in her sewing kit looked nearly identical to the one that broke off. If the buttons used here are so common that they can be found in a typical sewing kit, then this only warrants further criticism for the pricepoint of the garment, in my opinion.
Feb 9, 2018
Sep 13, 2018
I wanted to address this comment as we do not feel this is an accurate reflection of the customer experience with the Robertson as a whole.
We have reworked the product description to better help our customers understand the fit of this specific henley, the 3/4 cut sleeve is intended to end mid forearm as most traction "baseball" fit shirts would while have the elongated bottom hem sitting below the waist. We do understand this is a bit confusing for some buyers but it looks great while being worn and is very unique.
I must apologize you received your product with loose threads as that is not the customer experience would like to provide for our valued supporters of the brand.
Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns,
Sep 13, 2018
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