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Jul 25, 2014
Hey there, i just received my pair of SA7's . But i had to double check the description of the massdrop. I received everything on the list but only two pairs of bassports. the one already attached(positive) and a negative sign bass port. Was this intentional? The massdrop states 3 will be included. (same for the manual that was included) --- no neutral port included.
i've also encountered some quality issues on one of my treble ports (green to be exact) image of the issue in regards to the differences between the left and right in this picture: you can visually see that the right side is missing a good chunk of material used for dampening. - all my other treble ports + positive and - negative seem to be fine.
another issue that has arisen with the same treble ports noted above (ie the green ones) is that the mesh of the port is off centered - as shown below.,l064ojO,wzD9VD7#2
I'm very very disappointed with the product right now and i do wish to get these issues resolved
SIDENOTE - based of the main websites accessory page, there actually is a black coloured port - however im only given all silvers so i feel theres ANOTHER issue in regards to these treble ports.,l064ojO,wzD9VD7#1,l064ojO,wzD9VD7#0
--- one side of the SA7's also consists of a gluing imperfection
Jul 25, 2014
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