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Jul 9, 2017
My M8A came about a little over one month ago but I did not have time to test until today. After enjoying music for more than 5 hour, I am confident that M8A sounds better than M8. I have two M8s which I had been using in the last couple of years so that I know M8's sound signature. I like how the way M8A sounds on my speaker system, it sounds cleaner with a large sound stage and lots of details.
Originally, I was concerned about the 5V power of M8A supply because the good power supply for my M8As cannot be used for M8A anymore; However, the 5V power supply allows us to use a nowadays popular lithium battery pack which performs well for me. The package of M8A even has an USB cable for us to use a battery pack.
Also, M8A is obviously much heavier than M8 and runs cool on a battery pack.
Jul 9, 2017
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