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Jul 27, 2018
I don't see why are people complaing about the build quality of these headphones, I bought my son (13 at that time) this headphone as a Christmas gift. He's been using this headphones everyday on his way to school and back, uses it as his gaming headphones as well. Hell it even survived a trip to the Philippines for a month.
The only complain he have on this headphones is the material that it has on the earcup, the one with the touch sensitve controls is... well too sensitive. It turns off the noise cancelling or turns on the ambient noise mic when you lean on it. So let's say your trying to sleep on a table and you lean on the right side of the headphone to your arms it will disable the noise cancelling. And another complain he has is the leather/pleather on the earcups is breaking apart beacuse of sweat which is normal after almost two years of use.
But for the price MD is offering for tthis drop? Don't bother... you can get the XM2's which addressed the touch sensitive earcup issue and other improvements for the same price that MD is offering.
Jul 27, 2018
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