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May 18, 2020
Love these headphones. Total sleepers. Bought them when they came out as HP100 based on a few raving reviews and was impressed. They are really good but have one weakness, they are weak in the lower mid, upper bass where down tuned crunchy metal guitar resides so that part of music isn't as forward as the rest. But the rest is so good I like them even as a huge metal guy. Cymbals are extremely easy to hear and detailed. Mid bass is probably flat but it goes down to very sub levels. It punches above its price point handedly as far as detail and sound stage and imaging. Must add that somehow they are never harsh despite a very Sparkly high fr. They are lightweight and comfortable but the Y attaching the cups may crack in time. I recommend gorilla gluing the hollow that runs along the inside for extra strength. This lightweight adds effect to the sub bass as the cups rumble with the large 53mm drivers during strong sub notes. It's actually nice and not some intended gimmick like Scullcandy had done. Play an Hans Zimmer sound track and try not being impressed at the sound out of these things.
May 18, 2020
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