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Jul 3, 2017
i have alot of sets, some that cost several times what i paid for these this time, or more.... i forgot how much i like these though, using oval klipsch/ety compatible tips they are comfortable, with hybrid clones(sony hybrid real ones hard to find..) they are easy to forget you have in, they EQ amazing, and driven directly from my note3 they still sound excellent, no problem driving them at hf5's are more detailed but, i think these have better bass impact(though, since they are BA they arent gonna have the bass of dynamic...dont expect that)
the pl50 was my first "Audiophile" purchase, and, i never regretted it even once, they lasted me 5 or so years before one ear stopped working...
i just wish they made a version with a metal(aluminum?) shell, longer cord and headset option (mic/vol cont) would make them perfect for my on the go it is, i will be using these in bed alot... cant tell you how many times i have fallen asleep in pl50's to waken and not even realize they where still in... :)
Jul 3, 2017
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