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SouthOrd 14/15 Piece Lockpick Sets

SouthOrd 14/15 Piece Lockpick Sets

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What began as a marketing experiment in the late 1980s has become the country’s number-one lock pick manufacturer. Now the most recognized name in the industry, SouthOrd takes pride in producing long-lasting stainless steel tools fabricated entirely in the United States Read More

May 10, 2020
Who wants two snowmen and only one hook? The city rake is a meme, and the s-rake isn't better than a real wave rake. This is the classic filler pick pack. Next time try more hooks than rakes, wave rake first, and zero snowmen.
May 6, 2020
Southord picks are pretty good but you don't really need the key extractor. The deep hook wouldn't be that useful in North America but it's a pretty good selection of rakes for the price, the diamonds are technically rakes but can be used to single pin pick. The ball rakes are especially good at wafer locks (desks, file cabinets, gun cabinets, etc) and they're made of pretty good steal but if I was going to get a starter set I might look for a Sparrow's set.
Aug 3, 2020
Sparrows Dark Shift set has more than paid for itself in the two years I've owned them.
Aug 4, 2020
I've never been disappointed in a Sparrow's product. He has a lot of good video's on youtube demonstrating his products. I'm a sport picker of sorts but don't do any type of tournament, it's just to have that extra skill in the SHTF bugout bag of skills.
May 5, 2020
A set worth $10 max made for the easy to pick North America locks and "on special" for over twice what it's worth.
Jul 3, 2019
These guys are having a 30% off sale at their website right now. Also their customer service sucks.
Nov 30, 2018
Is this a better drop than the 8/9 piece set for a beginner starting from no experience?
May 23, 2019
Is the 8/9 set you are talking about the C801? That's a good basic set, but "some" beginners tend to be a bit heavy handed until they get some experience and don't become so frustrated when it is not going well. So to be safe a real beginner is probably better off the the PXS-14 that can take a bit more abuse. It also includes a W-Rake which I think should be in every beginner's kit. I also happen to prefer their plastic sleeved handles more than the bonded metal ones, but I confess I never took the time to polish the edges on them yet, and I have other boded metal handles that are quite nice. If you re in Europe then the C801 is the better way to go for the locks there. This drop does not seem to be much of a deal over what you can often find it for on other sights, so no rush to make a decision, at this level there are not much saving to be had in a US made set. There are lots of good basic sets from other companies as well, but they do tend to be a bit more money. Good luck, any way you get started you'll likely be OK, there is a lot you can learn with no professional picks at all. I didn't have any for decades while I played around with locks. I did have to relearn some things though switching from make shift stuff to real picks, then I was able to blend it all. Although still in the process of learning to be a good SPPer. Either way, I have several sets from different makers and still use some picks from the SouthOrd PXS-14 and their larger sets. Hand tools are very personal, you have to find what you like, and works well for you.
Oct 6, 2018
I got my MPXS-14 set and it feels like a great starter set. So awesome to show them to my oldest and see his face when he popped open an old Master lock we had in the junk drawer!
Sep 11, 2018
Which one comes with the zippered pouch?
Sep 11, 2018
Do these ship to Canada?
Jun 14, 2018
According to the specs, the 15-piece set does NOT come with a broken key extractor - is this correct?
Jun 13, 2018
I want the zipper case but with the thicker metal picks.
May 11, 2020
Thicker means they work less often. You want thinner picks, like the ones made for European locks, usually 0.015 thick.
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