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Jul 27, 2015
You could be a bit more precise in your description--I have a translucent blue FRCP Manix 2, and there's no way the handle is three ounces. The weight of the thing in total is three ounces. That handle is very light, but it's also quite sturdy. I wouldn't try to baton the lightweight Manix 2, but it's a very good, easy to carry knife, and it'd make a fine, large EDC knife for those folks who like or need to carry something with a larger blade. As for the steel, I've not had any problems with the CTS-BD1. And regarding its edge-holding characteristics, if I were to discover the BD1 to be losing the edge too quickly for my taste, I'd re-profile the edge towards a more acute angle, but I don't hard-carry this knife, so I haven't discovered any problems with the edge with my intermittent use. It's just a little big to carry into my workplace. As for this drop, I probably won't join-- I already have two versions of the Manix 2, the FRN and the G10. I like both, but I find that I do prefer the lightweight one. Still, that all-black styling is pretty compelling. Oy. Well, I gotta week to decide.
Oops--one addendum: My Manix 2 FRCP is a couple years old, so the steel might be S30V--it's at my other place right now, so I cannot check it. Just sayin'.
Jul 27, 2015
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