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Jun 5, 2015
Have the S110V Manix and it's awesome.
For anyone who has not held one of these, this is a no frills workhorse knife. The first time you hold the handle you're going to think it feels like cheap plastic but be assured that it's rock solid. If you're expecting a beauty like the Sage or textured G10 like on the Paramilitary 2 you're going to be disappointed. However, for heavy workloads like cutting down tons of moving/packing materials this goes through tape/boxes like butter. In my opinion it cuts better than my paramilitary 2 and holds an edge longer AND it's lighter AAAND it has a thinner profile AAAAND it's less$$ $99 + California TAX +$2.99 shipping = ~$111 and you can get this knife for $109.95 out the door at some other knife specialty retailers and that = Sad Face. Wanted to get in on this drop but the $$ doesn't make sense for me.
Jun 5, 2015
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