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Feb 6, 2015
In the case of Spyderco USA made products that is definitely not the case. The Taiwan made Spydercos tend to be the more expensive models as the Taiwan plant pumps out some high quality knives with great components and fantastic F&F.
The USA made Spydercos are still fantastic, but do not average as high of a price as the Taiwan made models.
Models like the Military and PM2 are both made in Golden, CO, and are two of the most popular on their line (if not the most popular) and typically run around $150-ish. Don't forget the Manix line which are all fantastic and are typically around $100 (I got my Manix2 XL for $100 and my Manix S110V for about the same). Not to mention the Native line! I have no gotten one of these (yet) so I can not speak to their quality, but they are abundantly popular and are also in the $100 range.
I do love me some Spyderco knives.
Feb 6, 2015
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