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Jul 24, 2015
I don't have the sage 1 or 2, but I do have spyderco's with liner locks and frame locks. I can say that in real use, there probably is no difference in longevity between the two types of lock. Titanium is softer than steel, but it's thicker than the steel liner and has more surface area to wear out. I don't think spyderco carbidizes the lock face, so it will gall with time, but I have read of plenty of forum users reporting their spyderco framelocks stay at their initial lock up position for years. Tolerances are tight on spyderco's and the fitting is done right so that there really is not much wear and lock movement with use and time. Higher tolerance machining seen on sebenzas seem to demonstrate almost no wear at all even after decades. My spyderco wenger is from around 2000 and the liner lock is still in the middle of the tang--and this is after years of flicking the knife open hard to try and get the liner to wear and move towards the opposite side ( my own personal experiment). Cheaper liner locks and frame locks wear out faster than spyderco products because the ramp on the blade that accepts the lock is too shallow or not hollow ground combined with cheaper flexible handle material which allows the handles to flex laterally and cause premature movement of the lock towards the opposite handle slab. Lateral stability is huge in preventing liner or framelock wear, and spydercos are pretty ridged and solid thanks to good material in the handle and pivot (phosphor bronze washers rather than plastic) and precision machining of the holes for pivots, screws and mating surfaces between the lock and blade. Personally I don't think the biggest danger in the frame lock design is wear from opening and closing, but rather over extending the lock bar when unlocking the knife. I don't think the sage has any protection against muscling the lockbar too far when unlocking the knife. If the titanium galls and sticks against the steel surface, sometimes too much pressure is used to unlock the knife and the lock hyper extends after the materials unstick.
Jul 24, 2015
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