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Dec 11, 2014
I found this hideously ugly and had to sell it. I don't want to be negative - someone else might like this knife, but I want to give feedback on as many drops as I can, and I think my opinion is justified here. The thing is, it's such an attention-seeking design, but when you look closer, the details let it down. The handle scales had rough edges and chips around the holes; the blade edges were rough, especially around the opening hole; the grind was off-centre, which was made obvious by the damascus. Spydercos from Seki Japan are not so nicely finished as those from Colorado or Taichung. It is known. Sure - as a knife it's as functional as any Spyderco, but when the finishing lets it down, such a flash appearance just comes across as pretentious. At $185 I think there are much better knives around.
Dec 11, 2014
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