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Nov 30, 2018
Finally--received notice mine has shipped (11/29/2018)! Will update comments when it arrives... Okay, UPDATE time: You won't believe this (on the other hand...) when I finally received mine, after one failed drop, and then waiting for the second to ship, MD sent me the wrong one!!! So, was I pissed? Initially, yes but here's what happened...the Oval Cocotte in the photo includes a glass lid (something I wanted), the Oval Cocotte MD shipped is the same model with the regular (matching enameled) cast iron lid. I did some quick checking online and realized the pot MD sent sells for about a hundred bucks more than the version with the glass lid--so, considering there's nothing wrong with the wrong one they sent, I just decided to keep it. It's a great dutch oven and I (and everyone else, I assume), got a very good deal on it. So, "all's well that ends well"--as they say.
Nov 30, 2018
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