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Feb 17, 2016
got my passaporto (crystal w/0.9mm italic) today and filled it with 2ml of pilot kon-peki. i guess i should have gone with the waterman florida blue which is the most forgiving ink i've found yet--if it doesn't work in a fountain pen there's usually something wrong. i've never used the pilot before, but had a 2ml sample bottle and it was convenient to just dump the bottle into the stipula.
alas, this rebirth of the 'original' writes nowhere near as good as the one i still mourn. i don't know whether to blame the ink or not, but you have to press down much harder than i like and it's still dry and if you let up on the pressure much you'll only get half characters. ink is a beautiful color in the crystal barrel though.
i noticed this nib looks nothing like my original 0.9mm italic did--at least in the nib holder portion which was grey instead of black and just looked funky.
oh well, i guess some things are magick to begin with and still can't come back to life under other conditions. but when i've given this pilot ink a good trial i'll flush the pen and try the waterman before i reach a conclusion.
thanks to the admin for arranging this drop.
Feb 17, 2016
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