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Jul 1, 2014
I requested by email to change size from 9-11 to 10-13. I wear size 10 1/2 and instinctively ordered 9-11 only to find out it is not actual size later the drop ended. I was told that I cannot change after drop ended and do not have recourse to cancel. What kind of response is this? I am to just keep whatever I bought when it has not shipped yet, but I cannot change order nor cancel? So, if I happened to make a mistake, I am to just wait weeks later when it ships and just eat it up?
What puzzles me is that there seems to be an excess of each order with items offered through bazaar deals, but your customer service will not go above what you are required to as stated from your description. I am disappointed with the level of customer satisfaction and lack of recourse prior to any notification for order to ship even when this item took 3 weeks to ship. I fully understand delayed shipments, and am willing to forgo the wait; but I will no longer shop at a place with lack of care for their customers. I would have expected better service for customer who spent more than $700 in approx. 1 month time. Having a customer turn away from future orders for a mere 3 pairs of socks is counter intuitive, but I digress. I am done!
Jul 1, 2014
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