Super7 He-Man ReAction Figures Wave 3 Bundle

Super7 He-Man ReAction Figures Wave 3 Bundle

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Join He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in the battle to defend Castle Grayskull! This drop is full of iconic figures from the 1980s comic book and television series Read More

May 16, 2018
Sorry Super7 but these look more like Dollar Store knockoffs than the original. Guess to stay away from lawsuits some changes had to be made, but why do it if it isn't at least comparable to the Mattel line?
May 15, 2018
I don't need these because I still have most of my original He-Man figures. At little worn but still usable, and often are used by my 3-yr-old nephew.
Theyre legs have a little curvature and their faces look way better. Maybe its just the comparison, but these figures faces Misshapen, you might say.
May 16, 2018
Yeah this figures are a joke compared to the originals, which still can be found used and in good shape.
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