Suunto Core Ultimate Black Quartz Watch
Suunto Core Ultimate Black Quartz Watch
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Whether you’re summiting a mountain, relaxing at the campsite, or just strolling downtown, the Suunto Core Ultimate has you covered. Loaded with functionality, it features a built-in barometer to measure atmospheric pressure, an altimeter to measure altitude, a compass for navigation, and a series of weather functions to alert you in case of a storm or other inclement conditions Read More

Aug 23, 2018
Does anyone know anything about this watch? More specifically, the weather functions , how accurate and other details ? Thanks
Aug 24, 2018
The specs say one thing and the description says another. I have a watch like this and unless they've changed things it only had alti/baro. Hard to read in bright sun. The manual that comes with it is useless if you only speak English. You will want to change the band on it. Mine didn't sit right on my wrist. Good watch, I just don't wear mine much.
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