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Swiss Diamond Cast Iron Grill Pans

Swiss Diamond Cast Iron Grill Pans

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Product Description
Valued for its heat-retention properties, cast iron makes for a reliable companion in any kitchen—and, when treated correctly, it will last a lifetime. These cast iron grill pans are made with a smooth enamel glaze for resistance to thermal shocks and scratches Read More

Customer Reviews

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May 9, 2020
checkVerified Buyer
Excellent Grill Pan
Enameled cast iron is a great middle ground if you want the heat retention and performance of cast iron, but don't want to maintain the seasoning or worry about rust. This is a fine example.
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Dec 22, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
Very nice grill pan; thick enameling, very heavy, nicely curved and comfortable handle. These are absolutely on par with much more expensive versions from the fancy-pants manufacturers (Le Crusset and Staub). I've had no particular issues with "sticking" as noted in one review (by the way, enameled cast iron isn't sold as, or represented to be, non-stick cookware), and certainly no issues with chipping as reported by another user. While these are "grill pans" they are not a replacement for a screaming-hot barbecue grill or the searing element on better gas barbecue grills. Those grill surfaces aren't enamel-coated and can expand and contract 'till the cows come home without issue. These grill pans on the other hand, are coated, and if they are subjected to very high temperatures (or cold temperatures) too quickly, they can expand/contract in areas sufficient to crack the enamel coating. The key is to bring the pan (and all cast iron, coated or not) up to the desired temperature gradually. Obviously bare cast iron is more forgiving of temperature changes than coated, and no doubt can be heated to higher extremes than coated, but that's not the purpose/function of these grill pans. Sure you can sear a steak with them (and then finish it in a preheated oven; that method works great), but I wouldn't chose one of these as a replacement for the high-heat, basting-in-butter method that inexpensive Lodge cast iron skillets do so well (as long as I was prepared to deal with the clean-up and re-seasoning involved when the party's over). On the other hand, if you like grilling vegetables, fish, pork chops (really anything on the lighter/more delicate side) these pans are the bomb. So remember: where enameled cast iron cookware really excels over their bare-naked brethren is in ease of care; you don't have to season them, and you don't have to worry about rust. And while non-stick is mentioned NO WHERE in their name or the literature describing them, enameled cast iron cookware is MUCH easier to clean up after cooking anything, compared to uncoated cast iron cookware. Just say'n, @RogierFvV and @JoelPoldberg ;- )
Dec 15, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
I like it, but it is not as non-sticky as I would like to see. I cook purely plant-based and without oil, and this non-stick pan is better than many other non-stick products, but I continue to prefer stainless steel. Also the form-factor of this pan means that it hogs space on your stove, which in my case is a 30" stove with five burners, and I do better with straight up and down pans, without flares or bellies. This pan can hog 3 burners, which at times makes it unpractical.
Nov 14, 2018
checkVerified Buyer
I am very disappointed with this product. I bought it a while ago because I wanted to use it when grilling season is over. I have used it twice to grill a steak and the enameled surface has already chipped off of the handle and one of the raised grill surfaces. It has never seen the dish washer. Hand washed only. I hope someone can remedy this. I will change my opinion if so. I realize any product can have a defect.
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