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Mar 5, 2015
My Mover in Titanium was shipped on February 24th and arrived with me in the UK on Tuesday the 3rd of March...incredibly fast delivery for less than $5USD.
The pen is as perfect as can be. The threads had the slightest grit but nowhere near as much as titanium threads normally do. I used some fluorinated grease on the threads and nock and, unbelievably, the action improved even further.
The weight and balance are perfect for me. The machining is crisp and entirely without flaws. Even the edges of the pocket clip have been eased and polished. Carry is ideal. The pocket clip is tensioned perfectly and the pen disappears into my pocket beautifully.
The pilot g2 refill is excellent. I have ordered a few more(g2 and hi-tec c) in different nib sizes just out of interest. It's good to have options.
My only regret is not buying a couple more!
Mar 5, 2015
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