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Nov 30, 2017
Massdrop was pleasant enough to ship me out a replacement set almost immediately, which is much appreciated.
Out of curiosity, I thought I'd try it out on a couple Corsair products.
Note that the keyboard layout on the K70, K70Lux, and K95 don't allow for enough space on the bottom row of keys. The CTRL, Win, ALT - FN, and menu keys are all different shapes and have a custom spacing to match the board layout. The Miami keyset is a set standard shape, which is incompatible and don't fit on these key layouts. The keycaps all fit onto the switches just fine, it's just that the spacing and shape of the keys don't match the custom shapes that Corsair made for their board layouts.
I'm not sure if this was just the set I received or if it's a standard, but the pegs for the spacebar just did not match up on most of the keyboards I tried it on.
This works well in a ten-keyless setup as shown in their description photos.
Nov 30, 2017
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