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Aug 13, 2019
Got mine in, just playing with it thus far. Literally the most unrealized potential of a piece of tech, let alone an input device (which are so crucial for progression of (or mitigation of rage when utilizing) newer mediums (cellphone, VR input, etc), which aren't conducive to keyboard input). It's so close, to not only being great, but defining, the next iteration, yet considering the seeming lack of focus and direction, it's abundantly clear that the creators, don't remotely realize what it *could* be. The overall package is really great, the idea, and build quality of the strap itself, A+, the charging case is extremely nice, and a feature, which, like the mouse, and touch pad, I wasn't even aware of when I ordered. Yet the focus on one hand input, and the leap of thought necessary for the implementation, while limiting it to a single input axis, is mind-blowingly short sighted. This is so damn close to revolutionary it's painful. Here's hoping the company makes it to acquisition or series 3 with some direction, and vision beyond a massively overpriced "swype" alternative; when it could, with a little perspective and insight, replace the physical keyboard (insanely bold idea, I know) entirely. Although *shrug*, it's probably just the next Power Glove. =\
Aug 13, 2019
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