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Apr 21, 2014
Hey everyone, We just got off phone with Taylor Stitch about this order. Taylor Stitch has recently moved out denim production to a new facility and this restock was their first run with this new facility. Unfortunately, the staff did not know Taylor Stitch's jean protocol, and made all the production order with indigo stitching. Instead of the Kurabo Mills Copper Denim Jeans, they have effectively prepared Kurabo Mills Indigo Denim Jeans for us. Here are the link to the product page for your reference: The order are being expedited to our warehouse for shipment to everyone as soon as possible. As a result of this mistake, we would be issuing refund of $50 to each order. We would also like to extend the refund/return policy for this campaign. If you decide that you prefer not to keep your jeans at any point within 30 days after you have receive the shipment, shoot us an email at, and we will have your refund processed right away. If there’s any feedback or concerns, please feel free to email us back at Thanks, Nelson
Apr 21, 2014
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