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Feb 18, 2017
I was looking at the TEAC TN-300 for the longest time mainly BC it would match my TEAC LS-HS265 black glossy bookshelf speakers nicely. The least expensive price I could find was eBay for $212 free shipping. Basically the same TT as the TN-200. The TN-300 has a better Audio Technica cart and a glossy finish. This has a lower grade (but upgradable) cart and comes in flat finish. The 300 has aluminum and rubber feet, the 200 having just rubber. Saving $80 by going with this drop will satisfy my needs aesthetically and for functionality for now. I plan to upgrade the cart down the line, invest in a quality preamp (Cambridge audio, or parasound) to satisfy my needs. From the research ive done, I feel comfortable with this purchase and look forward to delving in the world of vinyl. The Audio Technical Lp120 was my other option, however, to achieve the most of that units sound, one must remove the internal preamp. There are many online videos demonstrating the process of removing it as well as before and after sound with the mod. Aestheticall, the lp120 looks solid and weighs more than twice as much as the TEAC, however, it looks more like a DJ turntable. My main focus is matching the TEAC to my TEAC speakers for great sound and aesthetics.
Feb 18, 2017
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