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Apr 29, 2016
DSD is a big deal in audiophile land due to a recent resurgence of the format with some audiophile labels releasing ultra high quality DSD material. DSD is much better than PCM, but there are a few MAJOR caveats to that:
1. Most DSD material is SACD (DSDx64), which has the least performance of all DSD formats, and there are only a few players that can natively decode DSD, and even fewer that have the quality to realize the potential of the format. Even a cheap playback solution with the required quality is going to cost around $2000.
2. Very few DACs can natively decode DSDx256 or DSDx512. Those that that can are well beyond Massdrop price ranges.
3. Very few amps have the performance to handle high resolution audio to its potential (which includes DSD). Actually, the cheapest such amp appeared here on Massdrop (the Airist Audio Heron 5).
4. The best DSD recordings that really show off the superiority of the format are all classic / jazz and chamber music type genres from a few audiophile labels, such as Channel Classics who record direct to DSD and mix in the analogue domain.
So with the barrier to entry, a lot of non-audiophiles will simply stick with low-res audio formats like CD.
Apr 29, 2016
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