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Apr 14, 2017
I just received this keyboard yesterday and I'm typing on it right now. A quick review The keyboard base is solid metal and looks really quite nice. It's quite weighty too so it won't move around much. (Well that is unless you don't kick up the rear feet because there aren't any rubber feet on the back when sitting flat.) I got the keyboard with brown switches - they are supposed to be tactile but I can't feel much of difference between them and the cherry mx reds on my other kb. The difference is very subtle.
The Rainbow coloured lighting is not to my taste. It would look much classier if they stuck to white. The control of the backlight is fine though (no software required) and the LEDs themselves get plenty bright in my opinion.
I really don't like the key caps. The font screams "gamer" and the edges of the keys are really sharp. There is also quite a bit of ringing on the larger keys (spacebar, shift and backspace). I've ordered some rubber o-rings which I hope reduces this problem. Finally I really need to get a wrist rest to use with this keyboard as I'm used to the lower profile rubber dome keyboard and my left hand is really feeling the strain.
The good news it that it is super easy to replace the switches on this keyboard and they include a tool for doing so. I really hope there will be many other keyboards and follow suite since it's not expensive to do so and it really is a good feature and selling point. All in all for the price I can't fault this keyboard too much but be prepared to spring for some extra key caps and O-rings to make it more usable.
Apr 14, 2017
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