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Nov 24, 2018
At 6'-6" tall with knuckle-dragger arms, even tall sizes don't fit great most of the time, but there's just no sense in buying regular sized pants or long sleeve shirts. A few months ago, I complained on another Taramar drop that only the top being offered came in tall, so I passed on both because I was looking for a new set of long-johns. Well, apparently someone was actually listening, so even though I've already done all my Winter clothes shopping, I'm in on this drop. I just hope "tall" means the same in American English as it does in China or wherever Teramar clothes are made. I'll settle for (and be happy with) it meaning 75% what it means in English, which history shows is optimistic, but I still feel somewhat of an obligation to buy since I did ask to have a whole set of long-johns in tall. So thanks MD and Teramar. Your efforts didn't go unnoticed.
Nov 24, 2018
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