TEX Acrylic CNC 60% Keyboard Case

TEX Acrylic CNC 60% Keyboard Case

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Product Description
After a few successful drops for the TEX Aluminum CNC 60% Keyboard Case, we had them custom make an acrylic version specially for Massdrop. Coming in the same size and serving the same function, the TEX Acrylic CNC 60% Keyboard Case is compatible with most 60% keyboards like the Pure, Pure Pro, Poker, Poker II, and GH60 Read More


  • Acrylic construction
  • Compatible with 60% keyboards
  • 4.22 x 11.56 x 0.52 in (107.2 x 293.6 x 13.1 mm)
  • 5.68 oz (161.03 g)


  • Rubber feet set


Estimated ship date is Jan 22, 2016 PT.

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Recent Activity
Preface : I revisited a keyboard after sitting on the shelf for over a year to slap some new keycaps one and just change it up on my lineup. What I discovered after testing with new caps, that the design of the case actually destroyed itself AND MY PCB! This is the message I just sent to TEX design. Do NOT buy this hunk of garbage! It WILL destroy your PCB and itself, especially for someone who was using it regularly. --------------------- Hello TEX, First Off, never had any issues with your aluminum 60% keyboard cases. However, I just went back to pull this keyboard from the shelf (also cased BTW) and found this immense damage to the 60% Acrylic case and my Sprit60 PCB. This keyboard was not frequently moved, but obviously the design was seriously causing stress and bowing that the Acrylic could not handle in your design. I cannot believe this as I honestly did not use this keyboard much, maybe a couple months as my daily keyboard as I have several. Case Pics : Examples of sheared off Diodes from Keyboard PCB: Acrylic 60% Case Damage : all posts except the center are cracked and gone. Unable and not repairable. Screws we're not overly tightened and this Keyboard babied. Never dropped (as seen in pictures) and has no damage to outer case. Sprit60 PCB Damage : Many Diodes clipped from the PCB. Repairable with new parts and an hour of my time as someone with the tools and skill. I don't even know if there is anything this company can do to fix this. The design of this keyboard case no only destroyed the case itself, but the PCB of my keyboard as well just from being left alone. It's really sad as you have such a good reputation and good products that are still in use today by me! This one just sucks, almost everyone has had problems with it even if hardly used.
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