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Apr 10, 2018
I just want to say I've had these cans for over a week now and I am really enjoying them. They are small and portable. They are very light. They seem to be built well with travel/air travel in mind, and can easily be stashed in a backpack or purse. I had them tucked into the outter pocket on my lunchbox today for work.
They are easy to drive, I use my phone directly or my DAC on my desktop. They don't need much volume to thump.
They are comfortable and light. I get the headband back as far as I can on my head and after a bit it's hard to tell they are there. It does take a bit to get used to the on-the-ear cups, but they are there by necessity. These headphones are SMALL, and very portable. I wouldn't want the cups any bigger.
The sound is fun and entertaining. They can hang with ANY other 200 dollar can easily. If you listen to one or two sounds you like on a good dac/amp you won't be dissapointed about spending money on these. It's hard to describe how fun they sound. And they have hidden bonues of sounding great when being driven on a phone in a noisy environment, they take a regular 3.5mm cable, and they come with 2 cables. You can replace the cable for 2 bucks at Monoprice.
Kudos to Massdrop for introducing me to Thinksound. This is a great product and I hope Thinksound continues to make good stuff. If somebody was looking for a good headphone that travels well, can be driven by phone, and has sound that will make you forget where you are, this is what I'd recommend.
Apr 10, 2018
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