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Jan 19, 2018
I like these very much. After cycling through various IEMs around this price range, these have a permanent place in my bag every day and are my go-to choice for when I want some sound isolation and to focus when I'm out of the house.
About the only thing they don't do well IMHO is certain registers of deeper sub-bass, mostly below what is produced with natural instruments (EDM, Hip-Hop range). If that is all you listen to these probably aren't for you, otherwise I'd say go for as these are plenty good for casual listening in those genres and really enjoyable when listening to most other categories. They are also durable and comfortable.
They also aren't super-picky about amplification. I have other nice IEMs that sound wonderful with an amp but these are enjoyable straight off my laptop or phone so they get more practical use.
If I lost them at the moment, I'd probably buy another pair immediately.
Jan 19, 2018
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