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Jan 11, 2016
I hate to say this but why not just offer a Timex weekender bundle, they're great to gift and fairly dependable.
Just offer them for a about $10-$15 a pop depending on how many one buys. Maybe even $20 for just one.
For those of us that own say a blue angels chronograph there is a noticeable difference w/ this watch and imho kills sales on a site like Mass drop. Someone like me May go for a cheap utilitarian watch but not something like the weekender chronograph.
Fyi: I've tried this watch for about a week and for the sake of civility won't be offering my opinion on it (but to be frank at this price point there are both pos/negs to it and a comparison w/ something nicer more expensive is unfair and forgoes looking at the target market for this watch.)
As always buy what you enjoy and wear it in good health guys/gals ;-)
Jan 11, 2016
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