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Dec 6, 2020
Beautiful: Sound. Looks. Esp. with the AZLA SednaEarfit XELASTEC tips (popular in Korea) that I was turned on to by some "Tip Rolling" articles. I've been an avid Tip Roller since it wasn't even a thing yet. (NOT a shill) Beautiful cable. Until it starts tarnishing blue the very same day you start to use it (gently). The replacement set from Amazon did the same. I guess the cable manufacturing didn't properly seal air-tight on my 2 unit's run?? When they were fresh out of the box they were REAL PURDY. They still sound great, though, and thats' what counts. Is it typical for Silver or SPC (Silver Plated Copper) cables to tarnish/oxidize to a blue color so soon/at all? Despite the oxidization of the (mind you, detachable, replacable) cable, It's a home run for me.
May 4, 2021
VNTG-4Uhow have your AZLA SednaEarfit XELASTEC held up? I see mixed reviews regarding them, and have you noticed any significant sound diffs? I found that using the Dekoni Bulletz or other soft foam tips increased the bass response on the T2s.
Jun 20, 2021
S_V_Listener@S_V_Listener I've actually swapped the AZLA SednaEarfit XELASTEC for these ones from RIYO: 12Pcs Replacement Eartips- RIYO Premium Memory Foam Earphone Earbuds Tips Noise Reducing Earbud Tips for 5mm-7mm in-Ear Headphones Nozzle (Large, Black), that I found on Amazon, which claim: Mostly MY words: be made from "Patented viscoelastic memory foam" which is "30x softer" (compared to?: Regular foam? Regular Memory foam? Comply foam? Silicone?) that is "body-heat activated foam for your ear canal" (that feel NOTHING like Comply, which is a compliment), and like similar tips (ex, the Dekoni Blue) that claim to be body-heat activated, and "expand to fit ear canals" (some I've tried haven't) these DO, they are also THE MOST comfortable tips I've tried out of all of them. (I started with IEMs when Etymotic ER-4S was the only option). Here's the RIYO marketing jargon for you, pasted from my Order details: In their words:
  • ✔ COMPATIBILITY - Fits LG HBS-1100, Etymotic Research, Westone, Klipsch, Shure and more. Multiple core sizes allow you to find the perfect fit for your earphones
  • ✔ ONLY PERFECT MUSIC & YOU - Patented viscoelastic memory foam offers superior audio experience enhanced bass and block out external noise
  • ✔ ENHANCED COMFORT - 30x softer Super-Soft Memory Foam reduces earphone, feel free when using
  • ✔ BODY-HEAT ACTIVATED FOAM FOR YOUR EAR CANAL:Advanced memory foam can change by your body temperature perfectly fits any type of ear canal, perfect for fixing headphones to prevent falling when workout
  • ✔ CUSTOMIZED STORAGE BOX FOR YOUR EARPADS :Yaanl believes that every item should be loved in good faith whatever what happens. We offer 24Hrs service, just contact and we will help you.
Note: I hope I haven't violated any of DROP's posting guidelines. I know how tough it can be to track down tips from #brand-whatever from #site-whichever on #the-internet... so. The brand does have an Amazon Store, but if you wanted to give these a whirl and can't find them, let me know.
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