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Aug 10, 2018
I've been in the audiophile community for about 7 years now and these are way better than they have any right to be (for the price) - the seal that foam tips give is unparalleled by anything aside from custom iems.
Despite the fact that these have a balanced-flat sound signature, they excel at bass heavy and warmer tracks as they lack the treble response and sparkling highs of more expensive cans - which is to be expected for a dual driver iem - and they sound good with just about any genre - though (with a proper DAC/Amp) they can really show off the the faults of poorly produced tracks.
Some Comparisons: Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 MSRP $299 The TripleFi iems are pretty well known for their V shaped sound signature with the deep and powerful bass, and sparkling highs with decent but less pronounced mids - they are well regarded in the audiophile world for good reason. In comparison, the Tin Audio T2 has a more flat/balanced sound signature with similarly deep and powerful bass though less bass quantity, but not by much. The T2's highs are lack the sparkle though are still very resolving - the T2's mids are more satisfying and you can hear the faults of poorly recorded tracks which the TripleFi can sometimes gloss over. The TripleFi's separation and imaging is generally better but not tremendously so.
Fostex T50RP (original with better earpads and custom damping mods) MSRP $150 These have a sub bass slam that can only be compared (in my very limited experience) with the Audeze LCD-2 - overall they are warm to flat - with very fast response. The T2 has a similar flat to warm (little more flat imo) signature with a slower response and less detail
MEE audio M6 MSRP $19 These are fairly balanced but lack the imaging, resolution, separation, bass amount and extension that the T2 has. They are better than most (at this price range) but nowhere near the T2 The packaging seems like it is for a $100+ iem and the iem build quality is very good - the foam tips are fantastic, the cable is beautiful (imo), the metal casing is solid/weighty - though the MMCX input on the left side may be loose I sometimes lose audio on that side, and I have to readjust it - really annoying - I should probably contact Massdrop and get that repaired but I don't want to be without these - I love them too much
Aug 10, 2018
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