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Sep 15, 2018
These are great. I don't think they can be beat for the price. I like a bit of bass in my music and these offered way more than I expected. The highs are high, not muffled and controllable. The vocals are also great. The stock tips don't fit me though so I had to get third party tips. The quality is great though. Note that I came from the Jaybird X2s (I'm still new to the world of audiophile headphones) and the bass on these are definitely not as punchy, although they are a lot clearer unlike the X2s, and the mids and highs are really clear.
EDIT: The cable leaves a bit to be desired. The right ear sometimes disconnect randomly, so I had to get some aftermarket cables to fix it. Although it adds about $20 to the cost it's still worth it in my opinion.
Sep 15, 2018
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