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Oct 13, 2018
I bought several iems this summer and the Tin 2s were one of the last to be delivered. I really like them. They sound really good to me. I think they are my favourite at this time. Old disco hits sound really great. Alternative music from the 80's sounds good too. Bass is good, highs not too exaggerated. Fun. ..Acoustic music also sounds good. I've been relistening to old music lately and trying to avoid lossy formats. Music produced in the past 20 years sounds very compressed to me. Yeah, I'm an old geezer. Here's the list of other buds I've been listening to: Nuforce EDC, TFZ King, TN V80, KZ ZSA, Hifiman Bolt ( I use bolt when the environment is bad because cheap). Source is usually Hidizs AP60 II.
Oct 13, 2018
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